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An office needs to be sanitized at some point. This is not at all a task to be entrusted to just anyone. It takes a professional who is able to do it right in order to get good results. Space disinfection, like covid-19 office decontamination, is one of the specialized cleaning services such as post-disaster cleaning, fire cleaning, or end-of-site cleaning. This type of cleaning applies to all premises following accidents. This concerns as much industrial premises, the medical environment or even the food industry. Know that there is a company that specializes in this type of service, which will be happy to intervene for you.

Office and space decontamination company Tunisia

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With the health crisis, we are more and more worried. And we don’t want to stay idle. Bacteria and microbes can very well be combated by thorough cleaning, disinfection or even local decontamination.

These are usually small virus deposits on surfaces. A Tunisia disinfection company worthy of the name is able to carry out disinfection and disinfestation in an office, hotel or shop.

It is enough just to contact directly by phone or go to the official website of the company.

Surface cleaning to fight the coronavirus

The coronavirus is far from invincible. With proper cleaning, this virus can lose its potency of contaminating. Surfaces need to be tackled quickly. To take care of your office, the Tunisia disinfection company sends a team of cleaning agents capable of providing quality service and in a short time. The company is not only specialized in disinfection, it can also take care of window cleaning or carpet shampoo.

Air disinfection

The space decontamination company will not only focus on surfaces. It also performs air disinfection. To do this, the team of professional cleaners uses different techniques, including the ozone cannon. This is a technique in which a cannon is used to deliver oxygen. The latter is responsible for oxidizing harmful particles in the air, whether they are alive or not. In addition to disinfecting, it allows more effective elimination of bacteria, viruses, molds and spores.

Office and local disinfection by professionals

It is wiser to entrust an industrial cleaning task in Tunisia or local disinfection to a professional. You are not likely to be disappointed with the results. Surface technicians are trained and well equipped to work in the best conditions.

To intervene in your home, each cleaning agent has gloves and overshoes, a full suit, FFP2 masks, protective glasses, as well as caps for hair protection.

The equipment has been chosen to protect the skin and sensitive points of the body such as the eyes, mouth, nose, possible wounds, etc. In this way, there is no risk that the virus will find an entry point.

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Experienced Tunisia disinfection company

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Our Tunisia disinfection company has been working in this field for years. We stand out from other cleaning companies on the market, by the exceptional quality of our interventions.

Also, the products used are those that respect the environment. In order to take advantage of the company’s disinfection services, you can call directly by phone, or fill out an online form.

If necessary, you can also request a quote long before you even confirm a reservation. Please note that this is a free estimate that does not yet commit you to anything.

Disinsection Tunisia: anti cockroach service

It is also possible to contact the cleaning company for a Tunisia disinsection. Indeed, we intervene in your home to ensure the protection of your environment by fighting against pests and parasites, rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, etc.

The disinfection, rat extermination and disinsectisation company also specializes in the fight against cockroaches.

To get rid of cockroaches, the company can use different cockroach treatment methods: cockroach detection traps, cockroach gel, and chemical treatment.

As cockroaches are attracted to food and water, the basis of the fight against these pests is cleanliness.


Nous offrons un service Pro de nettoyage aussi bien aux professionnels qu’aux particuliers.