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Nowadays, there are various benefits related to the industry. You can now use the professional service for a office cleaning or cleaning professional.This is a type of housekeeping. This can greatly help companies that are required to keep their premises clean for their employees and customers. It is not always a good idea to entrust this task to an employee. You may be disappointed with the result. Thus, it is still recommended to use the services of an industrial cleaning company. Need a quick intervention in your factories? Request your free quote now by contacting us on our email!

Nettoyage industriel

Specialized in supporting industrialists, the cleaning company KSS offers tailor-made cleaning interventions for professionals based in Tunisia.

With the help of machines dedicated to industrial maintenance and the know-how of surface technicians accustomed to working alongside professionals working in factories, the KSS company is one of the references in terms of industrial cleaning Tunisia

for maintenance of their production plants, administrations, workshops, stores, kitchens, changing rooms, etc.

An industrial cleaning service by the KSS is:

Quel que soit la nature des revêtements, les techniciens appliqueront un traitement spécifique visant à nettoyer, décaper, dégraisser et faire briller votre sol sans le rendre glissant !  Les techniciens qui interviendront pourront également prendre en charge le retrait des différents déchets : copeaux, papiers, etc.

Office and shopping center cleaning

Commercial cleaning is an industrial cleaning service. As shopping malls and offices are often crowded, it is necessary to clean it regularly.

Here are the different services included in an industrial cleaning service: floor cleaning, furniture maintenance, facade cleaning, window cleaning and disinfection.

Shops and offices are areas where viruses and bacteria are transmitted. For this, it is essential to disinfect door handles, or other contact areas such as counters.

Nettoyage industriel
Nettoyage Après Sinistre

Maintenance and cleaning of administrative, industrial and commercial premises

To clean your premises, there are two solutions available to you. The first solution is to do it on your own. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to ensure daily maintenance of the premises.

For this, you must have the necessary materials and cleaning products. You can spare yourself this task and entrust it to companies specializing in professional cleaning. The second option is also a guarantee of a quality cleaning service.

Cleaning of machinery maintenance of premises

Cleaning your machines is essential to avoid breakdowns related to the fouling of your equipment, but also to maintain work hygiene for your teams.

Indeed, it is more pleasant to work when your workstation is clean and welcoming.


Nous offrons un service Pro de nettoyage aussi bien aux professionnels qu’aux particuliers.