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Hygiene and cleanliness are essential elements when choosing a hotel. Nowadays, customers are demanding on cleanliness. Once they find their room is not clean, their linens are not perfect, their windows are dirty or dust covers every corner, they can leave the hotel at any time. And a negative image will turn in forums, especially through websites and social networks.
Indeed, a hotel must be irreproachable to offer its customers services that meet their expectations and this contributes to the brand image of the establishment. If you want an impeccable cleaning, do not hesitate to trust us and benefit from our cleaning service Tunisia hotels. This service is provided by our team of experienced, professional agents trained in the different cleaning methods. In addition, they will know how to intervene while respecting the rules of hygiene in the hotel industry.

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How to clean Tunisia hotels?

The maintenance of a hotel must be entrusted to qualified personnel. Indeed, lower quality services can lead to the closure of the establishment.

This is why it is advisable to hire a hotel cleaning company who collaborate with maintenance workers.

Our company KSS cleaning is able to provide you with professionals who can intervene in the hotel seasonally or for the whole year.

Depending on the specifications established beforehand, we set together the intervention framework and the availability of our maintenance teams. Depending on your budget and needs, we offer the following services:

    • Dust removal, vacuuming, window cleaning and surface rinsing.
    • Maintenance of air and ventilation ducts.
    • Disinfection of contact areas (door handles).
    • Steam cleaning of carpets and floors of different types.
    • The dry cleaning service to provide clean linen and impeccable hygiene.

    During our on-site interventions, we use the appropriate cleaning equipment: a washer-dryer (for the maintenance of the corridors and halls), vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dryers for rinsing sheets and towels , cleaning trolleys for the maintenance of sheets and towels, etc.

    How to find the best hotel cleaning service in Tunisia?

    Looking for a good cleaning service Tunisia hotels, but you don’t know how to go about finding the right professional? the best solution to achieve this is to launch a thorough search on the web.

    Indeed, the internet is now a great way to find whatever you are looking for in any industry, in no time!

    If you need some useful information about hotel cleaning or need to make an urgent request, you can contact our cleaning company.

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    To obtain impeccable results, it is therefore necessary to choose the right hotel cleaning company offering efficient, sustainable services that meet customer expectations. To choose the service that suits your requirements and your budget, simply consult several websites of expert companies in the field to see the services offered.

    Then you can establish a comparative assessment of the different services. All you have to do is select the most suitable service for you. Our Tunisia hotel cleaning company “KSS” offers you the possibility of filling out an online form to request a detailed and personalized quote.

    Nettoyage hotels

    Cleaning and disinfection hotels tunisia

    In a critical health context, the disinfection of premises, furniture, equipment, surfaces, and contact points is a major issue, especially for hotel establishments welcoming a varied population.

    Indeed, maintenance campaigns must be carried out in order to eliminate undesirable microorganisms and viruses such as the SARS-COV2 coronavirus, which is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Such a task is complex and requires suitable equipment as well as specific knowledge.

    Our company KSS offers you cleaning services that suit your needs and your budget.

    We collaborate with well-trained professionals according to the latest hygiene protocols in force. They intervene on the premises following your request, with appropriate products (virucidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, etc.), in order to carry out a Covid Tunisia Disinfection, preventive or curative of your hotel.

    Nous offrons un service Pro de nettoyage aussi bien aux professionnels qu’aux particuliers.