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Insects can be very disturbing. And sometimes it’s hard to let go. If you too are in this situation, know that it is quite possible to eliminate these pests effectively. Our company is precisely specialized in deratization and disinsectization. For any disinsection intervention in Tunisia, you can very well call on the efficiency of our team. We can even intervene in an emergency. Just contact us and in no time our team will be with you. The Tunisia deratization and disinsectization company can intervene for Tunisia disinsectization for individuals and Tunisia disinsectization for professionals.

Disinsection Tunisia: professional treatment against insects

Dératisation Tunisie

Disinsection is an operation whose objective is to fight against proliferating insects in a place. It can be an apartment, a hotel, a restaurant or even a hospital.

Disinsection can help put an end to the proliferation of insects. Certainly, it is true that the majority of insects encountered in our homes are not very dangerous. They are more troublesome.

In addition, there are insects such as bed bugs, fleas, or cockroaches, which represent a health hazard.

The Tunisia disinsection company is responsible for treating all these insects effectively.

An individual may want to carry out the fight against insects on his own. This is possible but unfortunately the results will not always be satisfactory. Also, you may have just solved the problem temporarily, and the risk of a new infestation is not remote. In order to be able to completely get rid of insects, it is best to involve a professional.

Disinsection Tunisia: what are the solutions?

Several solutions can be used to control rodents and insects. Professional insect repellents can use insecticidal products and attractant traps. So, to kill insects, they can choose from different types of treatment:

  • Electrical disinsection
  • Using dry steam against bedbugs
  • Spray treatment
  • Freezing
  • Anti-cockroach gel

Pest control: how to eliminate insects sustainably in Tunisia?


A cheap Tunisia disinsection service is done in several stages. This is essential to ensure an optimal result. The working methods are different for each professional insect killer. However, the steps remain the same.

Step 1: inspect the places concerned

It is during this stage that the professional determines where the insects live, the level of infestation, the traces left by insects and rodents, etc.

Basically, he carries out a disinsectization diagnosis to get an idea of the crossing points and infested areas.

Step 2: Design an intervention plan

The second step consists in finding the best treatments to destroy harmful insects, as well as the best techniques to deploy according to the situation (type of pest, specificity of the area to be treated, etc.).

Step 3: analyze the results obtained as a control

There are pests that are more difficult to exterminate. It is for this reason that disinsection companies carry out several visits.

Step 4: Establish preventive solutions for more protection

The Tunisian disinsection company also provides its customers with advice on preventive measures to protect you from insects.

Disinsection Tunisia for private or professional

The Tunisian disinsectization company can very well be called for a disinsectization for individuals, or even a disinsectization for professionals.

It also has several control solutions that are always effective. A team of qualified technicians will intervene on any type of site.

Know that with a good insect killer, you will be definitively eliminating pests thanks to treatments against insects adapted to each situation.

Soliciting a disinsection company Tunisia allows an elimination of pest infestations in an optimal way and in the best conditions.

nettoyage atelier

Professionals act in compliance with safety rules and only use authorized products. In addition, Tunisia professional disinsection services can solve any type of problem related to insects such as bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants, etc. Other advantages on top of all this:

  • A complete diagnosis
  • Effective insect control treatments
  • Effective intervention and total protection
  • Personalized services
  • professional services
  • An always affordable price

It should be noted in passing that the price of a disinsectization operation can vary according to several criteria. A professional allows you to take advantage of fair prices.

Nous offrons un service Pro de nettoyage aussi bien aux professionnels qu’aux particuliers.