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Commercial cleaning has a special service for this type of sector which requires special maintenance depending on the time of year (Cleaning of industries, warehouses, garages, parking).

Nettoyage Commercial

Cleaning and maintenance of commercial premises

In the full expansion of the company, KSS emphasizes these services in buildings or premises at very competitive prices.

Our goal is to provide the best commercial cleaning service Tunisia so that the contractor completely neglects these much needed but unprofitable services for them.

Why use experts for commercial cleaning in Tunisia ?

At KSS, commercial cleaning company Tunisia, our way of working and our experience guarantee our services, do not worry about looking for cleaning and maintenance companies, hire real professionals at the best price.

Ask for free information about our services via the short contact form, you will receive a free quote tailored to your building or premises cleaning and maintenance needs.

Aware of the parameters required by our customers, we establish working frequency mechanisms according to each need, industrial cleaning, parking lot cleaning, garage cleaning, disinfecting your premises, etc.

In this way, we guarantee that the cleaning service for these very specific companies also has the same control criteria as the rest of the companies.

Nettoyage Commercial avec machine

How to clean large surfaces?

These cleanings are not very complex but due to the space that needs to be cleaned, the organization of time and personnel is very important.

Premises cleaning companies must always take into account that cleaning in large surfaces works with fixed schedules that must be respected at all times, which is why we are aware that the image on these surfaces is very important for their sales.

The associated premises will come at a flat rate for the maintenance and cleaning service and even the offices if necessary.

Annually it is recommended to carry out a special polishing of cleaning and maintenance of the floors, we maintain the common floors, including the stairs, the interior patios and the common areas or the entrance hall. For the carpets, seats or sofas in the reception areas of the entrance areas, they are brushed and vacuumed with professional machines, eliminating the remains stuck to the furniture and eliminating bacteria, etc.

Commercial disinfection and cleaning company

The cleaning of shops or premises requires special machines, we know the importance of cleaning in the company that is why we put the best rotary machines, vacuum cleaners, scrubber driers so that the cleaning of office companies (commercial cleaning or shops ) has the best complete cleaning service.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company, do not hesitate to choose KSS. Our company has the best qualified personnel for each company, office, trade, store or specialty, guaranteeing the best development of the work requested with strict quality controls in terms of surface hygiene.


At our company we also do not put industrial cleaning aside, neighboring communities have the same cleaning criteria and parameters as a company. Leaders of cleaning in the community of Tunisia, we try to provide the best service by adapting to the needs of each community on the surfaces to be cleaned or the delicate materials to be cleaned, thus helping to keep the floors, walls, furniture commons of the community in better condition of the neighbors.

KSS is a cleaning service company dedicated to providing the best service to our customers for years. Ask for a non-binding quote for cleaning communities, we will be happy to meet your commercial cleaning needs in Tunisia at the best price.

Nous offrons un service Pro de nettoyage aussi bien aux professionnels qu’aux particuliers.